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Beeswax is a substance that honey bees elaborate and use inside their hive. It is produced by the worker bees that secrete it from their wax-producing glands. Beeswax is a waterproof and age-resistant substance that is solid at room temperature and becomes formable when heated. The bees use it for construction and storage: they create a special structure of hexagonal cells (a comb) to conserve the honey and the pollen inside. Furthermore, the bee queen lays the eggs in these cells.
Beeswax is an important material also used by the human being. Throughout history, multiple uses were found for this substance, including candle-dipping and manufacturing creams. As a matter of fact, the first cosmetic emulsion ever created was elaborated with beeswax. It got a name of “cold cream of Galen” because the Ancient Greek doctor Galen of Pergamo used beeswax as the only emulsifier to homogenize water and oil.
The chemical composition of the beeswax is very complex and includes more than 280 components, many of which science has yet to analyze. Its main feature as a cosmetic active component is its strong soothing property. Beeswax is one of the best natural remedies against dry skin.
To protect the bees from potential diseases (such as varroasis), conventional beekeepers employ different drugs – most of which contain pyrethroid pesticides or pyrethroids. Logically, these toxic substances are continually being absorbed by the beeswax and propolis, and their fragments might be found in honey as well. Because the anti-varroa treatment requires a constant presence of the drug inside the hive, and because the beeswax is constantly reused in beekeeping, the beeswax is never really decontaminated. Moreover, a lot of synthetic substances are also heat resistant and thus, they do not disappear when the beeswax is being thermally treated – and manipulate the natural composition.

Cera MayBeez

In MayBeez we believe and practice a different way of beekeeping.
Our bees are free to compose their own beeswax from beginning to end. We do not use any commercial honeycombs except for the ones we produce ourselves. This method allows us to obtain authentic beeswax with a unique local composition.
In our MayBeez organic beehives, there are no synthetic substances contaminating the bees or the products they elaborate. Our hives contain no harmful elements and preserve the purity of the wax and its important properties. Healthy bee hives in a clean environment is the only possible solution to the problems caused by beekeeping.

MayBeez products that contain beeswax:
Lip balm “Bésame mucho”
Lip balm “Vitamina”
Lip balm “From Gomera with Love”
Ointment “ColdNoMore”
Hand cream “Sedosa”
Body cream “Delicia”
Facial cream “Lemongrass”
Hair mask “Bee Avocado”
Body oil “Relaxing Touch”