Maybeez is a young and different company that goes outside the box of natural cosmetics: We are distinct for our strong focus on organic products, and have spread our roots across the territory where our idea was created. It is nothing less than a privilege to work in a beautiful landscape near the National Park Garajonay on the Island of La Gomera, a declared UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve itself.

Maybeez has a new understanding of cosmetics: We aim to improve not only your appearance, but also your health. We believe that only a healthy body can truly shine. This is why we focus on products of natural origin and avoid all types of synthetic derivates. These principles led us to become producers of our ingredients: In every product, ingredients marked with two ** asterisks originate from our company-owned farm Hoya del Pajar, a farm bearing the Canary organic certification institute CRAE certificate. Maybeez is a Canary company working with indigenous plants and species.

Maybeez is unique for its high-end quality products: Our products contain an exceptionally high percentage of certified organic ingredients – 95 percent, so to speak. And so far, no other producer on the market has been able to match us.

Maybeez is also different in the way it participates in a respectful and supportive green economy. We work – and we invite everybody else to do the same – with Triodos Bank, an ethical bank and a key contributor to a innovative economy that focuses on people, rather than markets. Our constant respect to our environment makes us producers of what we call „organic agrocosmetics“. In our work, “organic” doesn‘t just describe the products – it coins the entire manufacturing process, from sowing the seeds to choosing the packaging in a manner respectful to the nature surrounding us. Maybeez is much more than organic cosmetics – MayBeez is the only company producing organic agrocosmetics.

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