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About MayBeez

MayBeez was born on a small but incredible island of La Gomera, the Biosphere Reserve. It is a small piece of land surrounded by  Atlantic Ocean that has it all as if it was a miniature world. Virgin coasts, ancient forests, stunning landscapes, sudden changes of weather – one finds everything here in this magical and authentic place. MayBeez was inspired by the power of nature shown at every step in this paradise of eternal spring.

Being in contact with the Earth helps to understand the processes, systems and natural schemes that govern our planet. Long years in agriculture and beekeeping taught me that nature is the wisest of all and we must respect its laws because we are only a part of it.

Being a woman I have always been attracted to the world of cosmetics. Creating products that take care of our body from the outside, help to keep us more beautiful and are able to solve some problems turned out to be the most fascinating for me.

When I found myself in La Gomera, an ancient instinct was awakened in me – that of the gatherers, explorers, experimenters who were women at the beginning of our existence. So much wealth, so much abundance that nature offered inspired to create. That's how it all started....


Ekaterina Kulikova

MayBeez creator

Our ingredients. What can be more wonderful than using the gifts of nature to create cosmetics that help people, do not pollute the environment and please the senses. Our ingredients are organic oils, butters, extracts and macerates. For the preparation of the active ingredients we use the native Canary plants of wild collection and the others cultivated. Organic beekeeping derivatives are another important part of our cosmetics – beeswax, honey and propolis fascinate both inside the hive, and inside our glass jars. Its properties are unique and highly beneficial to humans.

Our philosophy. To change the world and make it fairer, more sustainable, more comfortable for all living beings who inhabit it, we must start with small but firm and constant steps. The return to the most natural way of life is essential for our survival. Following natural rhythms and respecting differences, understanding the origin and consequences of things, learning endlessly and always improving – are foundations of our philosophy. We believe in being able to change the world by working in a sustainable, effective and transparent way.

Our products. Our products express the way we see things. Products of easy preparation, with raw materials of the highest quality – is the essence of our work. The world of chemistry had already shown that its complicated formulas are often not harmless. The cosmetic whose ingredients have been manipulated as little as possible brings health and well-being and can be used for a long time without losing its effectiveness. Our products are as natural as only products created in nature can be.

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