• Fieldwork

  • Canary black bee

  • Canary St.John´s wort

  • Honey, beeswax and propolis

  • Vitamina: protects your lips

Choosing organic agrocosmetics, you grow green sustainable economy!

MayBeez is a company that creates natural and organic cosmetic products using its own ingredients. In MayBeez we are beekeepers and farmers before anything else. We work in and with the nature being determined in our philosophy: advertising healthy life in all the aspects, respecting the environment, spreading out the knowledge. Our production area is close to National Park “Garajonay” of La Gomera island which was declared as the World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. We work only with the black canary bee thus preserving and spreading this native species.


Working as beekeepers we not just follow the guidelines of the organic beekeeping, we also respect the natural rhythms of life of our bees which are supposed to be the insects of essential importance for the human being. The honey, the beeswax and the propolis from our organic hives have the leading role in the MayBeez cosmetics. Their helping properties, their quality and purity define the spirit of our work. We cultivate the plants following the principles of organic farming and collect the wild Canary flora species and use their active ingredients in all our products. This is how the authentic ORGANIC AGROCOSMETICS  is born.



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