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Ointment "Cold No More"


Ointment "Cold No More"



If the winter is mild, already in January the Gomera’s mountains become yellow. This joyfull yellow belongs to St.John’s wort of Canaries or “granadillo”, its local name.

Canary St.John’s wort (hypericum canariense) makes part of the hipericaceas family and is a very valued variety among different kinds of this plant. We collect the leaves and the flowers of this wild-growing bush and use them to prepare the oil full of healing properties.

Thanks to the antiviral action of organic St.John’s wort’s oil and organic propolis the ointment “ColdNoMore” is an effective remedy against the discomfort caused by lip and skin herpes. Besides it helps to relieve the skin in case of sun damage, cures burns, scalds and wounds because St.John’s wort is a well- known antiseptic, astringent and scar healer.




Warning: both internal and external use of St.John’s wort can cause sensibility to sunlight. Avoid direct sunlight in case you use cosmetic product or drug that contain active ingredients of this plant.


It should NOT be used during pregnancy.



INGREDIENTS: Hypericum canariense oil**, Prunus dulcis oil*, Beeswax**, Theobroma cacao seed butter*, Propolis cera**, Alcohol*, Tocopherol.

* organic certified

** own organic certified production


How to use: Apply on clean and dry skin.


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