by Maybeez on Jul 10, 2021


Are you tired of most products irritating your skin?

Don't you notice the results you were promised in that TV ad?

Don't know when you finished with your bathroom full of plastic cans and you want to put an end to it?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, this is your post.

From Maybeez we know that natural cosmetics is booming and has more and more followers, is it a coincidence? Of course not!

If you want to know why, keep reading, because here are seven reasons why switching to natural cosmetics is the best thing you can do for yourself and the planet:

  1. It is the best option if you have sensitive skin.

One of the most important reasons is that natural cosmetics is born out of a need; that of caring for the most sensitive and problematic skin.

Natural cosmetics work very well on this type of skin, because the purest ingredients are used and are less likely to cause allergic reactions. That is why they help not only by providing hydration and protecting our skin, but also by relieving irritation and other symptoms of sensitive skin.

  1. They do not contain petroleum derivatives or microplastics

Another reason why these products are gentle on the skin is because they do not contain harmful or toxic substances. Most have at least 90% organic ingredients, this helps our skin to oxygenate, detoxify and be much healthier and more receptive to what we can offer it.

  1. The skin better absorbs all the properties

Which brings us to this third reason, natural ingredients, such as essential oils, are so similar to the fatty acids and nutrients that our body naturally produces that cells are able to recognize and absorb them naturally, allowing reach the deepest layers of our skin.

  1. long-term efficacy

Natural cosmetics do not promise a drastic change right after the first application, but they do ensure progressive improvement, with continued use of a product new irritations can be avoided and long-lasting results obtained.

What are you waiting for to do the test? You will surely be surprised by the results.

  1. It is respectful with the environment

The products we use must not only be beneficial for us but also take care of the environment, since it is important to protect biodiversity and the place where we live.

That is why at Maybeez we are always improving our products and packaging to make them as ecological as possible.

  1. They have aromatherapy properties.

Aromatherapy is a practice that has become very popular for its benefits, it consists of using smells to relax, heal our body and release emotions.

Practicing it helps relieve stress and improves mood, so using natural cosmetics that contain essential oils like Maybeez's will not only take care of our body but also our mind and emotions.

Isn't it amazing? If you want to know more, leave us a comment and we will make a more detailed post talking about this topic.

  1. You help to promote fair and local trade

Finally, when you buy natural products, you are helping each person involved in the project to be fairly remunerated and valued, paying directly to the person who grows the ingredients and creates the product, without suppliers involved. You also promote and benefit local commerce, helping small businesses to grow in your area.

What are you waiting for to start taking care of yourself more consciously?

Tell us if you knew that using natural products had so many benefits.

Thank you for always reading us, see you in the next post!

Love, Maybeez