Main causes of acne

by Maybeez on Jun 25, 2022

Causas principales del acné

Main causes of acne

Do you deal with acne on a daily basis? Do you know what hormonal acne is? Do you want to know the causes that cause it and what to do to combat it?

Look no further, in this post we will answer all those questions and we will give you the best advice to improve or get rid of those uncomfortable pimples forever.

Today we will talk about acne, what it is, what causes it and how we can fight it to keep our skin as healthy as possible.

Excess fat from our skin and dead cells can cause pore clogging, which translates into those pimples and rashes that bother us so much.

We call this acne and it is a problem that can cause a lot of discomfort, pain and even negatively affect our self-esteem.

But what causes acne? Why does it appear? Keep reading and we will tell you the most common causes:

causes of acne

  • Hormonal changes: It is no coincidence that those who are most prone to acne are our adolescents, because during puberty hormones increase, sebaceous cells enlarge and this produces more sebum. This type of acne can be cured or improved with adulthood, there are specific treatments, always advised by your trusted doctor, that can help control outbreaks.

    It is also very common for acne breakouts in women during the menstrual cycle, since the increase in hormones stimulates the secretion of fat, this acne usually heals itself when the hormones become stable.

  • Medications: There are drugs such as steroids, corticosteroids, testosterone, lithium...etc that can cause or worsen acne. It is a very frequent side effect that is not usually given importance because it is a mild reaction and the outbreaks usually heal when this treatment is suspended.

    However, it is important to review our skin and its reactions because we may be overlooking a possible allergy to a drug.

  • Food: There are more and more doctors and nutritionists who have realized that the way we eat can influence the health of our skin and that many foods eaten in excess such as ultra-processed foods, saturated fats or sugar can cause or worsen acne. It is important to learn to eat consciously and choose healthy foods for our body, because that may be just what we need to improve our skin.

  • Lack of hygiene: Not removing make-up correctly, touching your face with dirty hands, not exfoliating regularly... these types of bad habits can cause or worsen acne. It is necessary to thoroughly and correctly clean our face to keep it healthy. If you want to know more about what would be the ideal cleansing according to your skin type, do not miss this post where we explain step by step how to do it:

  • Stress: In specific periods, in which we are very stressed, worried or anxious, an acne outbreak may be triggered. It is also very important to take care of our mental health, everything we feel, if we do not manage it or express it in some way, we can somatize it through our body. Consult with a psychologist, meditate, exercise, there are options that can help you better manage your emotions and relieve stress.

There is no magic formula or miracle product to solve acne, many times it can be several things that are causing this disorder, so it is necessary to consult a specialist so that they can identify where it comes from and how to best treat it.

Thank you for staying until the end, we would love to know what you think, leave us your experience or doubts in comments, we always read you.

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Image by Sharon McCutcheon on Pixabay