Maybeez facial cream according to your skin type

by Maybeez on Oct 21, 2021

Crema facial de Maybeez según tu tipo de piel

What face cream to use according to your skin type

Do you feel dryness and tightness in your skin?

Are you afraid of over-hydrating your oily skin for fear of the dreaded shine in the T-zone?

Well, we are here to help you, in this post we are going to talk about your skin and how important it is to use the right products for it, and we will also tell you exactly which Maybeez cream you can use for yours.



This type of skin is the easiest to care for as it has a uniform texture and no blemishes, it usually has a clean appearance, without shine, without the need to use any product. If your skin looks like this, you should feel lucky because most creams will work well, yes, do not neglect it, if it is not cared for it can become dry skin over time.

Cream to choose: For this skin, our " Lemongrass " and " Snow White " creams can come in handy, which provide hydration and care that it needs.


Combination skin tends to look shiny in the T-zone (forehead, nose, and chin), while the cheek area is normal or dry.

When the shine appears all over the face, we are talking about oily skin , prone to acne and blackheads.

Cream to choose: The Perfect Maybeez cream for this type is " Snow White " as it is specific for combination skin due to its soft texture that does not overload the skin, mango butter manages to hydrate and regenerate while being absorbed very quickly. It also contains pearl powder, which diminishes pores and mattifies the skin, and organic propolis, an antibacterial active ingredient that helps heal acne.


Dry skin is characterized by a lack of moisture in the skin, a feeling of tightness and can even look dull or peel in some areas. This skin needs essential fatty acids and other substances that help restore the skin's natural hydration.

Cream to choose: The cream we recommend for this type of skin is " Lemongrass " which has a unique composition of oils and active ingredients, such as shea butter, which hydrates and heals the skin, as well as protecting it from the sun's rays. Aloe vera gel and beeswax hydrate and create a protective layer on the skin that locks in moisture. We also know that you will love its intense and sweet aroma of lemon grass.


With the passage of time, the skin changes and needs different care, it is a totally natural process that we must take into account, not to stop it, but to be able to care for and protect our skin in the best possible way.

Cream to choose: At maybeez we created a specific cream for this type of skin; " Bambusaia " that contains organic butters and oils such as shea butter that compensates for the loss of hydration, and the Canarian St. John's Wort oil, made in-house, which is regenerating. It also contains hemp oil noted for its vitamins and mineral salts and bamboo extracts that will help us have more flexible and radiant skin.

To finish reminding you that how you feel inside is reflected in your skin, it is important to be aware of what affects you to know what you need.

With which type of skin of the ones we mentioned have you identified? We read you in the comments.