Men also take care of their skin

by Maybeez on Oct 07, 2022

Los hombres también se cuidan la piel

Men also take care of their skin

Do you still think that facial care is only for women? Do you know how women's skin differs from men's? Would you like to learn how to take care of it?

Today we are going to dismantle the myth that men do not take care of their skin, totally false!

Skin care is for everyone, because skin has needs regardless of gender, sex, race, or sexual orientation.

We know that there are still men who are ashamed to buy skin care products, because of what they will say and because facial care is related to something feminine.

For this reason we created this post, for all men who are curious and would like to start taking care of themselves, but don't know how to do it or what products to use.


Male skin has some differences from female skin, we are going to talk about them, because it is important that you know them to learn to take care of yourself.

  1. The skin is thicker than the female skin, which makes it more resistant to heat and external agents, but that does not mean that you should not pay attention to it.

  2. It has a greater tendency to be oily, since it has a greater number of sebaceous glands and large pores and also sweats more, this makes it prone to more acne.

  3. What makes the most difference is that from the age of 15 the beard and mustache appear, therefore shaving can cause dryness, irritation and dehydration.


The first thing is to use a light-textured gel-type cleanser to combat oily skin and refresh it.

Second, it is recommended to use an exfoliating gel once or twice a week to control sebum and to prevent ingrown hairs from shaving.

Third, use a moisturizer with sun protection, especially in summer to protect your skin from the sun and external pollutants.

Shaving recommendations

During shaving, several aspects must be taken into account, to begin with, it is recommended to shave after a shower or rinse with hot water to soften and moisten the beard, so the hairs will offer less resistance. Here are some tips for you to get a perfect shave without damaging the skin.

  1. Use a mild soap or foam that makes it easier for the blade to slide and prevent cuts.

  2. Use a tonic to refresh and soothe the skin after shaving, if possible with antiseptic, astringent or bactericidal properties to heal possible cuts faster.

  3. Finish with a moisturizing balm, which is an emulsion of oil and water, to hydrate and restore the skin.

With these simple tips you can greatly improve your skin and control problems such as acne or dermatitis, without a doubt we encourage you to try it and tell us how your skin has improved.

See you in the next post!



Monstera photo by Pexels