Six ingredients in your toothpaste that you should avoid

by Maybeez on Apr 18, 2022

Seis ingredientes de tu pasta dental que deberías evitar

Six ingredients in your toothpaste that you should avoid.

Did you know that there are substances in your toothpaste that can cause you a headache? Do you look at the ingredients in your child's toothpaste and wonder if they are safe? Do you want to know why more and more people opt for natural toothpaste?

If you have mentally answered yes to these questions, you cannot miss this post.

There is a lot of controversy with these substances, since many companies and associations assure that they are not harmful if they are not consumed, since toothpaste is not made to be ingested.

But today there are many studies that show that certain ingredients are dangerous, since with continued use we can absorb them through the mucous membranes of the mouth and be exposed to side effects that affect our health.

Today we are going to discuss the ingredients that you should pay attention to when buying a toothpaste:

  1. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS): This ingredient is a common detergent found in many personal care products. It is economical and effective to form that foam that we like so much, because it makes us feel that it is clean.

    Apart from the fact that the way to obtain this ingredient is polluting, there are also several studies where it was found that it can be harmful for people prone to thrush and gingivitis, since it is irritating to the mucosa of the mouth and can cause inflammation and aggravate problems.

  2. Titanium Dioxide (nano): It is a chemical compound in the form of a crystalline powder that stains and leaves teeth white for a short period of time.

    It is often used in paints, plastic and some electronic devices to give them that very specific white color.

    The problem with this ingredient is that with continued use, even if not ingested, the nanoparticles can be absorbed by our body and can be harmful to the liver, reproductive organs and is a possible carcinogen.

  3. Formaldehyde: Also called formol, it is a substance that is released by the multitude of preservatives used to make toothpaste. It is true that it is used in small amounts, but its ingestion can be very harmful, leading to skin irritation, watery eyes, nausea, coughing, and it can also affect the endocrine system, causing an irregular release of estrogen.

  1. Fluoride: It is a powerful protector against cavities, but at the same time it can cause stains on the teeth and other problems such as dental fluorosis, which is a disease that, in addition to staining the teeth, prevents the teeth from obtaining the calcium they need. and the pieces become brittle and weak. This is especially detrimental to children who do not have fully formed teeth.

  2. Microbeads: Surely you have seen some small balls in your toothpaste, usually blue, that are in some toothpastes. These microparticles are used to better exfoliate dirt, but they are harmful to our mouths because they can stay in the gums, causing gingivitis and letting bacteria through. They are also very polluting, because being so small, when they go down the drain they bypass all the filters and end up in the sea.

  3. Artificial sweetener Either saccharin, aspartame, or sucralose, these are substances that can come from petroleum and are associated with negative health effects, such as severe migraines and dizziness

The good news is that there are now natural pastas that avoid these harmful ingredients for us and for the environment, and more and more people choose to do so and be more aware of what they decide to use to take care of their health.

At MayBeez we wanted to create our own toothpaste free of these ingredients:

Jonay White Toothpaste

Composed of minerals, calcium carbonate and white clay, it deeply cleanses your teeth, xylitol (birch sugar) gives it a pleasant flavor and to give your brushing freshness we have included mint and sage.

It does not contain chemicals, surfactants, or microplastics that can harm your health or the environment.

As always, tell us on our networks what you thought of this information, if you already knew it or if you are thinking of changing your toothpaste right now.

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