Everything meditation can do for your skin

by Maybeez on Nov 08, 2022

Todo lo que la meditación puede hacer por tu piel

Everything meditation can do for your skin

Does meditation rejuvenate? Is it true that it gives more beauty to those who practice it?

Although they seem like myths, they are not really, meditation has enormous benefits for your health and also for your skin. Today we tell you!

We know that many times taking care of ourselves, pampering our skin and using the best products may not be enough. Well, stress, anxiety and the hustle and bustle of daily life can take their toll on us in the long term: dermatitis, pimples, bags under the eyes, etc.

One way to ease daily worries and calm our mind is meditation. Simply taking a break during the day can give you that peace that you need and that also contributes to the health of your skin.

At MayBeez we not only think it's important to take care of ourselves on the outside but also on the inside, that's why today we're here to talk about four incredible benefits of meditation for your skin.

  1. The best ally against wrinkles.

Yes, what you read, meditating rejuvenates, and we explain why. When we are stressed, we do not sleep well or rest enough, there is a tendency to accumulate unconscious facial tension, such as a frown.

These gestures can become habits or even in more serious cases tics. Precisely these gestures are the ones that over the years leave wrinkles and expression marks in their place that no longer go away.

If we manage worries and stress by meditating every day, we learn to relax our face and avoid all this, we also prevent premature aging.

  1. The peace you feel inside is reflected on the outside.

When you meditate, you consciously oxygenate the organism, you live in the present, leaving worries aside, you reach inner peace and suddenly relief, happiness.

All this internal work is reflected on the outside, it improves your self-esteem, you see yourself and they see you more attractive.

That good-looking effect is a consequence of being good with yourself on the inside.

  1. Improves the symptoms of some diseases.

A dermatologist named Griesemer Index described the extent to which skin conditions are triggered by an emotional cause. According to this index we have these data: rosacea is in 94% of cases, atopic dermatitis in 70% and acne in 55%.

Knowing this, with meditation and control of our emotions we can greatly improve these conditions.

  1. Reduces inflammation and helps maintain weight

Meditation helps lower cortisol levels, the stress hormone, which keeps us alert and intervenes in inflammatory processes that, if prolonged, can be very negative for your health.

Living in the present also helps us to be more aware of what we eat and how we do it, we can see a progressive and real improvement in our behaviors and patterns. Eat slowly, give our body foods rich in nutrients and vitamins.

All this is going to be reflected in our skin making us look healthier.

Now that you know everything meditation can do for you, why wait to try it?

Tell us what you thought of this post and if you would ever consider meditating or have already done so.

See you in the next post!



Photo by Sage Friedman on Unsplash