Five infallible tips to improve your skin

by Maybeez on Jan 04, 2022

Cinco consejos infalibles para mejorar tu piel

Five infallible tips to improve your skin

Do you want to sunbathe, but are you worried that your skin will suffer? Do you notice that the seasons cause changes in your skin and you want to know how to prevent them? Are you tired of your dermatitis getting worse and would you like to know how to prevent irritation?

Today we are going to give you the keys so that this spring you can enjoy the sun and good weather while taking care of and protecting your skin so that it is healthy and glowing.

Do you want to see how?

Keep reading and discover the five steps you must follow to achieve it.

1.Sun protection for prevented skin.

The sun is necessary for health because thanks to sunlight the body manufactures vitamin D, also called the sun vitamin, which is important because thanks to it the body better absorbs calcium and thus we make sure our bones are healthy.

However, it is very important that we sunbathe responsibly, since exposing yourself to many hours of sun can increase the risk of skin problems, premature aging and, in more serious cases, melanomas. To avoid this we need to use a good sunscreen at all times.

Dermatologists, experts in skin issues, assure that more hours of exposure does not mean more vitamin D. A simple walk in the sun for between 5-30 minutes, exposing the hands or small areas of the body is more than enough to obtain your daily vitamin D .

2. Hydration for supple skin.

Water is essential for our skin, it balances the ph, it creates a protective barrier to make it stronger and more flexible, it fights wrinkles. You get a natural shine and prevent dryness in any season of the year.

You also improve and prevent irritation if your skin is sensitive or reactive.

It is also ideal to use natural products, without chemicals that can damage the skin, here we leave you our MayBeez recommendations to keep it super hydrated:


This is what its main ingredients can do for your skin:

Coconut Oil: Contains vitamin E and antioxidants that soften expression lines. It naturally preserves collagen and elastin making our skin much more elastic and flexible.

Beeswax: Moisturizes and nourishes, trapping moisture in the skin and creating a protective layer. It heals, improves tone and blemishes, leaving the skin smooth and free of impurities.

3. Softness for pampered and beautiful skin.

Many times without realizing it we do not pay too much attention to the products we use on our skin and we may inadvertently be causing irritation, allergies or redness that if we were more aware we would avoid them.

To do this, keep these simple tips in mind:

Limit bath time: Prolonged hot water can remove the natural oil from the skin, to avoid this you can reduce the time with short showers and also try to keep the water lukewarm.

Avoid aggressive soaps: Soaps that contain many detergents, in the long run, can damage the skin, it is advisable to use a mild chemical-free cleanser.

You can try our Calendula Soap , completely handmade, cleanses deeply and thanks to its organic calendula and olive oils, it does not dry out the skin. You can also use it to clean the face.

Be extremely careful when waxing: If you shave or wax your hair, always be extremely careful and do it gently. Lubricate the skin, apply lotion or gel to hydrate the area and if you use a razor, keep it clean and sharp, always using it in the direction of hair growth.

4. Stress control for acne-free skin.

When stress comes into play it reflects on our skin, causing acne breakouts and becoming more sensitive. It also increases the possibility that our defenses go down and we are more prone to infections of skin diseases such as herpes.

We must take our emotional and mental health seriously, you can improve it by leading a healthy lifestyle, sleeping the recommended hours and doing sports regularly.

It can also help you to meditate, spend time doing things you like, do yoga or, if you need to, consult a trusted psychologist, so that you have enough tools to deal with your emotions.

5. Reconciliation with food for radiant skin.

What relationship do you have with food? Does cooking give you a headache? Do you eat the first thing you find in the fridge? Do you eat fast or do you take your time?

Food is our essential food and all the properties we consume will be reflected in our body. If we are deficient in calcium, white spots will not appear on the nails, if we do not drink enough our skin will look dull.

On the other hand, if we consume foods rich in proteins, vitamins and nutrients that we need, that will cause our skin to be radiant and full of life.

Avoid compulsive eating, chew each bite savoring it, all of this is important.

Our advice is to investigate for yourself which foods make you feel better and enjoy a balanced meal. Above all, be aware of what you are offering your body and take some time to choose the best.

We hope these tips help you enjoy spring much more, while taking care of yourself and protecting your skin. Remember that the body is wonderful, thanks to it we move, feel and interact with others.

It is worth spending our time on it. TRUE?