Natural cosmetics in children

by Maybeez on Nov 17, 2021

Cosmética natural en niños


Can natural cosmetics be used on the skin of our little ones? It is safe? What precautions should we have?

Don't worry, today we are going to answer all these questions one by one.

We know that the most important thing for a mother and a father is to give their little one the care and protection they need, and when we talk about skin, everything becomes more complex, because each skin, as we have seen in previous blog posts From Maybeez, you have different needs, and that's true of a kid's skin, too.

To understand the needs of children's skin, we are going to delve into its characteristics.


The thickness of infant skin is only one fifth of that of an adult. It is finer and with less hair, which is why it is also more fragile and susceptible to infections, irritations, blows and water loss.

Therefore, yes, natural cosmetics can be used in children, but you have to be careful with the sensitivity of your skin, you always have to check very well that the products we use do not contain ingredients that could cause allergies or irritation.

But not only the previous step is important, the best thing is that we go to a trusted pediatrician, we teach him the ingredients of the cream that we want to incorporate into our little one's routine and we follow his instructions.

If you give us the green light to use the cosmetic product on your skin, the first thing we should do is apply it to a very small area to observe its behavior and make sure it responds well to all its components.

This is all because, despite the fact that cosmetics like Maybeez are natural cosmetics, we must not forget that they contain essential oils and plant extracts that children's skin may not be prepared for.

Taking these measures into account, we are talking about the benefits that natural cosmetics can bring you.


  1. Less irritation: With the use of natural cosmetics we can prevent irritation, future allergies and skin problems, since they do not contain very strong components.

  1. Allies for atopic skin: If your little one has atopic skin, natural cosmetics will be the best option to avoid possible unwanted outbreaks.

  1. They do not dehydrate the skin: Many products indicated to hydrate the skin, in the long run, produce the opposite effect, since they use petroleum derivatives such as mineral oils (paraffinum, parafinum liquidum, mineral oil...) that create an oil film and give instantly hydrated, but actually clogs pores, prevents perspiration and eventually dehydrates the skin. On the other hand, with a natural product this does not happen, the skin assimilates it, absorbs it and deeply hydrates.

  1. Avoid external aggressions: Children's skin, being more fragile, dehydrates easily and is more sensitive to external agents, therefore they will greatly benefit from products that naturally isolate and defend the skin.

  1. Take care of your long-term health: There are more and more studies that link certain chemical ingredients with long-term health problems, such as parabens, which can affect the endocrine system in the long run. Using natural cosmetics avoids these risks.

Now, the cosmetics we make at Maybeez are not specifically designed for children's skin, although we do have products with a very basic composition that could be beneficial for use on children's skin, we leave you some here:

  1. Delicia and Sedosa creams are wax based, but contain essential oils, therefore it is advisable to do a small test to verify that it suits your skin and consult your pediatrician.

  1. Cold no more ointment does not contain essential oils and can work very well to hydrate the skin, it also restores tissues and relieves skin infections, as well as small burns. very important Do not go out into the sun after its application , as it contains hypericum, which is photosensitizing.

We hope we have clarified all your doubts on this subject, if not, of course, leave us your questions on our social networks and we will answer you as soon as possible.

Thanks for your time, we hope to see you again in the next post!



Photo by Artur Aldyrkhanov on Unsplash