Natural toothpaste for healthy teeth

by Maybeez on May 29, 2022

Crema dentífrica natural para unos dientes sanos

Natural toothpaste for healthy teeth

Do you know what are the benefits of taking care of your teeth with a natural toothpaste? Do you maintain a correct brushing routine? Do you know our natural White Jonay cream?

If the answer is no, stay because today we will solve all these doubts.

In a previous post we talked about the ingredients that are harmful to our health, which are usually found in common toothpastes.

In today's post we are going to talk about the benefits that using a natural toothpaste can bring us daily, so that you can have a healthy and beautiful smile this summer, and throughout the year!

Benefits of natural toothpaste


It is inevitable that you swallow or absorb some of the cream during your brushing. When you are using a natural cream, you no longer have to worry about it, since it is made from natural products, it will not be harmful to your health or to the little ones in the house.

2. Ecological.

Toothpaste with chemical products, such as microplastics, pass through water purification filters and end up polluting our oceans and damaging the ecosystem. By using a natural cream, you know for sure that all its ingredients are natural and will not harm our planet.


When natural products first entered the market, choosing them meant sacrificing their effectiveness. Thanks to the growing interest and research into natural ingredient products and their benefits, this has changed.

In fact, it has advanced so much that it is even possible to combat specific dental problems such as dental sensitivity and help to have whiter teeth.


Some companies that manufacture toothpastes do not care about the impact that the manufacture of their products has on the environment, on the other hand, when we talk about natural products, many brands have respectful initiatives with the consumer and manufacturing procedures to minimize their footprint. With the decision to invest your money in natural creams, you are also betting on the care of our planet in the long term.

Jonay White Toothpaste

Our favorite toothpaste will always be Jonay White, because we know exactly what's in it and why.

Here we tell you more about its ingredients:

Minerals, calcium carbonate and clay that gently clean the enamel of your teeth.

Salt, propolis contain antibacterial properties and protect your teeth.

Xylitol and mint add flavor and keep your teeth fresh.

It does not contain foam, surfactants or microplastics, it is a totally natural cleaning for your teeth.

On the MayBeez website we have two formats available on our website, a large one of 125ml and a smaller one of 60ml.

And we also sell a 125ml refill at a lower price so you can reuse the dispenser and thus minimize the use of plastic.


We recommend using our toothpaste by adding a generous amount of cream to the brush and always gently brushing with circular movements, trying to reach all the teeth, on all their faces, for two or three minutes.

Our cream does not foam, but it cleans effectively. After brushing all your teeth well, do not forget to rinse your mouth and remove the remains of cream well.

Do not forget to always follow the recommendations of your trusted dentist, especially if you have a specific ailment that you must treat.

We hope this post has convinced you to try natural toothpaste, tell us about your experience on Instagram or here and leave us all your questions. We always read you.



Photo by Ryan Crotty on Unsplash