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by Maybeez on Sep 12, 2021

Desodorante natural


Are you tired of chemical deodorants? Would you like to use more natural and kinder products with your skin? Not sure if natural deodorants work?

You have come to the right place! Today we are going to explain everything you need to know about natural deodorants.

From Egypt to the present day, bad body odor has always been a problem to be solved.

The ancient civilizations already used lemon and cinnamon to alleviate that unpleasant smell, but they only managed to overshadow a problem by putting a perfume on it.

The first deodorant to be marketed was in the 19th century; Mum, zinc based, produced in the United States. This deodorant called "antiperspirant", what it did was inhibit sweat and it was a success, whether it was sweat, it was bad smell too.

Later, already becoming part of our daily hygiene routine, new and comfortable formats were created to apply them, such as roll-ons and sprays.

They were so well received that today 80% of the deodorants in the world are of this type.

But these products concealed polluting volatile substances for the environment (which were banned), such as chlorofluorocarbons contained in deodorant sprays due to their involvement in the destruction of the ozone layer.

As we have already discussed in another post, you have to understand that sweat does not smell, the unpleasant odor is produced by the bacteria that feed on it, that is why what many deodorants do is kill these bacteria or stop sweat clogging our pores. but the latter is very harmful to our body.

Let's differentiate between these two deodorants to understand a little what they are for:

COMMON DEODORANT: They seek the elimination of bacteria and bad odor through fragrances, for this they use different antiseptics, essential oils and pleasant aromas.

ANTIPERSPIRANTS: It focuses on eliminating the secretion of the glands by creating a film on the armpit that saturates the pores and thus prevents sweating. To achieve this they use metallic salts such as aluminum.

All these substances in deodorants cause controversy and some are even declared dangerous outright by user associations, while health agencies regularly review them, but still do not disapprove them.


Natural deodorant is created with the philosophy that sweating is natural, and preventing sweating is wrong. We must attack the problem in the kindest way with the planet and with ourselves .

  1. It attacks the bacteria that produce bad odor without clogging the pores, respecting the natural process of the body favoring the expulsion of toxins.

  2. Respect the environment , as it does not use polluting substances and opts for a recyclable ecological container.

  3. Contains natural substances that provide an extra benefit to our skin, such as aloe vera, sage, lemon... etc.

  4. They do not irritate the skin and reduce the probability of dermatological conditions, it is the ideal option for people who suffer from sensitive or reactive skin.

We sincerely hope that we have made you reflect and above all have more awareness about what products we put on our skin. Tell us in comments or on our networks if you have already tried natural deodorants and if you know our Flower Power deodorant. And if you don't know him yet.

What are you waiting to try it?