Solid shampoos, the revolution that cares for the planet

by Maybeez on Dec 12, 2022

Los champús sólidos, la revolución que cuida el planeta

Solid shampoos, the revolution that cares for the planet

Have you ever tried solid shampoos? Do you know what benefits they have for your hair and for the planet?

Here we tell you everything.

What is solid shampoo?

Solid shampoos are an ecological alternative to traditional liquid shampoos, their composition is similar, but the water is removed, therefore it remains as a pressed bar of soap that is reactivated every time you add water and foams.

More and more people use it, because it is much more durable, economical and also does not produce polluting waste for the planet.

We are going to tell you about the five benefits, which we hope will encourage you to try it.

Solid shampoo benefits

  1. It requires less water for its preparation. This means that it is not necessary to add parabens, emulsifiers, silicones or sulfates that many conventional cosmetic products have, therefore it is more natural.

  1. It is easier to use plastic-free packaging. Normally you can use cardboard or materials that can be recycled, so by using it we are contributing to caring for the environment.

  2. It is more durable. A single tablet can last up to three times longer than a traditional liquid shampoo, because in this format we waste much less and take advantage of the foam, for this reason it is also cheaper.

  3. It is much more effective and healthy. All the nutrients are contained in that pressed tablet, therefore it cleanses, hydrates and conditions our hair at the same time. In addition, by containing natural ingredients, it significantly improves the health of our hair in the long term.

  4. There are special solid shampoos depending on your needs. Currently there are many options, so if you have dry or oily hair, if you have dandruff, sensitivity, etc. Whatever your need, there is a solid shampoo that can improve it.

​Now that you know the benefits of solid shampoos, we are going to leave you with our favorites from MayBeez so that you treat yourself this Christmas or surprise someone special with a gift.

HONEY MOON: With organic cocoa butter, honey and turmeric to help restore sensitive and damaged hair.

JIMI H: With shea butter, organic nasturtium extract, caffeine, vegetable elastin and red clay, for highly hydrated and voluminous hair.

COLD MINDED: With coconut oil, propolis, green clay and rosemary extract, to control oily or mixed hair.


  1. First wet your hair and the shampoo with your hands until it foams.

  2. Apply the foam to your hair, through the roots and massage for a deep cleaning, it is not necessary to apply it to the ends, with the soap that is generated in the hair it is enough.

  3. Rinse with plenty of water until all excess foam is removed and enjoy your clean and healthy hair.

If you have come this far, tell us if you dare to try it, we assure you that you will not regret doing so.

See you in the next post!