Maybeez products for your hair type

by Maybeez on Feb 18, 2022

Productos de Maybeez para tu tipo de cabello


Do you feel your hair weak and brittle? Do you notice that it gets too greasy and you're already tired of using products that don't help you? Do you think it would take a miraculous product to deeply hydrate it?

Don't worry, maybe today you'll discover a solution to all those problems, because we're going to talk about your hair type and why it's important to use specific products for it.

We do not promise a miracle cure for all your hair problems, but we do assure you that after this post, you will understand the needs of your scalp much better and you will know how to pamper it.


Hair can be classified according to its condition, its thickness or texture and its shape, these guidelines will give you an idea of ​​what your hair is like and what you should take into account when choosing a shampoo or product for it.

Today we are going to talk about his condition, because it is what usually causes the most headaches.

Read carefully to see which one you feel most identified with:

1. Oily hair

In this type of hair, the sebaceous glands produce a lot of sebum, making our hair limp, without volume and with that greasy appearance that gives the impression of being dirty even when we have washed it.

The key for this type of hair is to use a mild shampoo that we can use daily and that helps us control sebaceous secretion.

2. Mixed hair

This type is similar to the previous one, but in this case, although the glands produce more oil than normal, the scalp absorbs it, giving rise to hair with very oily roots and dry ends.

ring a bell? It is quite common and for oily hair we will always recommend our solid shampoo COLD MINDED, since it is Specific for oily and mixed hair.

It is made from green clay that regulates sebum because it cleanses deeply and the rosemary and mint extracts stimulate circulation and leave us feeling super refreshing.

3. Normal hair

In this, the production of fat is normal, so it does not usually give many problems of dryness or excess fat, but that does not mean that it does not require some care as well. The main thing is to maintain hydration and use specific products for this, such as our JIMI H, with shea butter that nourishes and hydrates, organic nasturtium extract and cinnamon essential oil that promotes blood circulation and stimulates growth, and red clay that also cleaning and disinfecting, it provides us with minerals.

4. Dry hair

 In this type, the production of fat is insufficient, giving rise to fragile and brittle hair. If you notice it lifeless, dull, you can go days without washing it without it getting greasy and the ends open, this is probably your hair type.

Here all our attention and care should be focused on combating dehydration.

Our recommendation are two products that can help you a lot.

The HONEY MOON Shampoo , which contains organic cocoa butter and honey, deeply nourishes dry and damaged hair.

And for extra hydration we recommend our BEE AVOCADO mask , with organic avocado oil, which intensely nourishes the hair and with continued use, your hair improves remarkably.

We have the steps on how to use it summarized in the highlights of our instagram and we also made a post talking more in depth about why it is applied that way and we explain step by step how to get the most out of it.

Here is the link in case you are curious:

Of course, we must never forget that our hair is a reflection of ourselves.

Having a healthy life, exercising, eating healthy and taking care of our emotional health helps a lot to make our hair look better

We hope we have resolved your doubts and if not, do not hesitate to ask us.

We don't see in the next post!



Photo by Taisiia Stupak on Unsplash